Habb Al Saad Exhibition is one of the main gateways to unique opportunities that meet and align with Qatar's National Vision 2030 by exercising the role of social responsibility towards emerging businesses and contributing to improving tourism and driving the economy of Qatar.

We were honoured as Villa Queen Events to presented the 1st edition of 'Habb Al Saad' on November 2019 after 7 years' experience in the field of exhibition organization.

We have been and will continue to preserve and strengthen the Qatari identity linking the original Qatari culture with other rich and distinctive Arab cultures.


For gulf weddings, stories behind the words are characterized by their own unique touch and wedding songs. 'Habb Al Saad' was one of the songs which got famous in the gulf and means'Bear Joy' which came to express our way of happiness as per our identity. That was the main reason for naming the exhibition by this name.


Qatari entrepreneurs
Kuwaiti & Omani entrepreneurs
International entrepreneurs
Wedding planning companies
Beauty centres
Travel Agency
Hospitality companies
Flowers and decoration companies
Photography services